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Turn north on Congress Street

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904 Hamburg St, Ripley, Oh

Learn About Kinkead Ridge Winery

Savor the taste of memorable wines with unique tastes from Kinkead Ridge Winery in Ripley, Ohio.

We produce quality wines from Ohio grapes as well as from grapes beyond Ohio.  Unique varietals and blends born in the imagination of our winemaker, hand-crafted in small fermentations at our Ohio winery.

History of Kinkead Ridge (information from the History of Brown County)

William Kinkead, Jr.  arrived in the area in 1796.  He and his wife built their cabin on the J. Harris Survey, several miles north of Ripley in 1796.  In 1797 William and his father made a journey overland to Chillicothe, Ohio and determined to settle there; returning after the harvest was gathered, they packed their goods and sent them by keel-boat to Chillicothe, while they drove the stock across through the woods. They returned to the Ripley area without unloading the goods from the boat after learning about continual conflicts with the Indians living in the area. William remained a resident of Ripley for the rest of his life. He had nine children. The Gothic Revival home on the property was built in 1880, as evidenced by the "Plain and Fancy Plastering" plaque  that was found in a wall with a date and name. 

 May  2016 - One year later - we are growing and learning

Don and Anna Marie Bowers

Our interest in winemaking started in 2008 with a single wine kit, and before we knew it we were creating unique wines in ever increasing quantities.  In 2012, we discovered Kinkead Ridge wines.  So, when we discovered in early 2013 that Ron and Nancy wanted to retire and sell Kinkead Ridge, we looked into it.  And the more we looked, the more we liked.  A winery built on quality in Ohio and small enough to really be a hands on (and hands in) operation.  We started working towards a sale.  The road was unfamiliar. Then came the boulder that we feared would kill the dream.  

The polar vortex in 2015 devastated the Kinkead Ridge vineyard.  But Ron Barrett was not out yet.  He proposed to do a custom crush at Kinkead Ridge Winery.  We didn't even know what a custom crush was, but started searching for grapes.  Michigan nothing, Pennsylvania nothing, New York nothing, Ohio nothing except some beautiful Traminette, shared with us by our neighbor, Meranda Nixon winery.  Finally, it was red grapes from Califronia and white grapes from Washingon.  Although the shippers told us NO ONE tries to ship white grapes, Ron insisted the finished wines would prove them wrong.  

We believed in Ron, the grapes arrived, and Ron and Logan began the long days of the crush.  Now, 9 months later, a new arrival at Kinkead Ridge Winery, Lowell Marie wines.  Born in our winemaker's imagination, these wines are handcrafted in small fermentations for quality like all our Kinkead Ridge wines.  We plan to replant a new vineyard, bigger and incorpoarting some of the varieties Ron always thought would thrive here.  Until then, we will offer old favorites and some of our favorite blends and varietals that we hope will become favorites of yours as well.  

We are excited to meet all those who have appreciated Kinkead Ridge Wines in the past.  We can't wait to get started continuing Ron and Nancy's hard work here at Kinkead Ridge Winery.

 Don Bowers  and Anna Marie Bowers    



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