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March 2013

Kinkead Ridge the only southern Ohio winery listed in the newly published American Wines by Jancis Robinson. We're ticked off! Nobody's doing research. They just mention the same old same old Northern Ohio wineries. Apparently a blurb was written about us by her midwest contributor, but it was chopped!

January 2013

Kinkead Ridge featured on the cover of Edible Ohio Valley, one of our favorite magazines. The feature story was written by Jay Erisman. Here is the link to the on-line edition, see page 12 for the story.


November 2011

Great write-up about Petit Verdot and Kinkead Ridge Petit Verdot from Michigan blogger:


October 2011

Kinkead Ridge and Meranda-Nixon on national blog... long and interesting. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaboutwine/2011/10/06/all-about-wine--lower-ohio. Ron and Mike are covering all the wine making states alphabetically, and earlier posts are available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaboutwine

August 2011

Kinkead Ridge featured in Cincinnati Magazine.

March 2011

Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc rated "Spectacular" Click here

February 2011

Kinkead Ridge featured on the cover of Our Ohio. This is the view of the back barns from the back porch at the vineyard.

December 2010

This speaks for itself:
From a friend of the wine buyer for Whole Foods Columbus who owns a restaurant in Colorado and imports wine from the Languedoc.

"My dear friend
Last week Janie and I were in Languedoc doing our blends. Every year my producers put on a lunch for us and everyone brings a wine to serve blind. So I brought over a bottle of the delicious Cab Franc you sent me. Everyone guessed classified Bordeaux including a British MW who was present. It was superb. Please tell them the French love their wine!!!"

October 2010

Kinkead Ridge featured in an illustrated wine reference book distributed internationally, Opus Vino.

October 2009

From uncorkedcincinnati.com:

"There’s a wine renaissance occurring in the Ohio River Valley, and two local vineyards are helping to lead the way.

Harmony Hill and Kinkead Ridge Wineries were recently profiled on America’s Heartland, a magazine-style, half-hour series highlighting the U.S. agriculture world. The feature highlights these local gems as being leaders in the renewed Ohio wine efforts.

Check out the segment to get a closer look at Harmony Hill and Kinkead Ridge and their efforts to push the Ohio River Valley wine region forward."

September 2009

From Eric Asimov, NY Times, The Pour blog about Riesling. "Kinkead Ridge, 40 miles east of Cincinnati, produces a crisp, easily drinkable Riesling, and has done so for several years. It’s not at the level of a good German Riesling, but there are hints and suggestions of those wines that makes the $12 or $13 price worth the search. Production is small but the dedication and quality is high. It’s wonderful to have a local wine in Ohio that is highly drinkable and delicious."

March 2009

2001 Kinkead Ridge wine rated "top value" and in the top three for quality against two Napa, two Chinon, and Biltmore Cabernet Francs. Click here

March 2009
Southern Ohio Wineries Making a Comeback, featured on Benson Marketing Group Wine News
Click here to download the pdf

March 2009

Kinkead Ridge written up in March/April issue of the WineBuzz.

Kinkead Ridge 2006 Cabernet Franc featured at the Nose to Tail dinner at JeanRo Bistro.


January 2009

A quote from Loren Sonkin on Mark Squire's bulletin board, regarding the
2008 Ohio/Michigan Wine Challenge:
"The final group was miscellaneous reds. The group’s favorites mirrored mine for this flight. They were the 2006 Kinkead Ridge Revelation Red, the 2006 River Village Syrah, the 2005 South River Karma, and the 2006 Fenn Valley Cabernet Franc. All of these are $15 or less. Mine, and the groups’ favorite came from Kinkead Ridge.
They are an Ohio Valley winery just east of Cincinnati and in my opinion making the best red wines in Ohio.
I would easily spend the $15 on the Revelation or around $20 for the Cabernet Sauvignon (which was not in the tasting)."

January 2009

Wine Finds: Kinkead Ridge Revelation, 2006. Medium garnet color and bright aromas of raspberries, cherries and cranberries with hints of pencil lead and cedar, light bodied and puckery with juicy cocoa notes.

p.27. This wine reviewed as top Red Wine in the Michigan and Ohio Wine challenge.

November 2008

Kinkead Ridge Revelation 2006 Bordeaux blend takes top prize in the Meritage Red category in the first Ohio/Michigan wine clash. 60 wines were tasted in Columbus and Ann Arbor. Click here.

November 2008
Wines and Vines Magazine
Jim Gordon, Editor's Letter, Thriving in a Slow Economy

Consider a second label

"Ron Barrett of Kinkead Ridge Vineyard and Estate Winery in Ripley, Ohio, said he already watches his expenses closely. "Most small wineries, in one way or another, are pretty good at cost management. Nobody I know here has money to burn." One tactic he hasn't needed to use, but believes could help in a recession, is creating or extending a second label to move wine more quickly. "If a winery was really faced with a tough situation where inventory costs were getting out of control, a second label could be useful," Barret said. He and partner Nancy Bentley already bottle a second label, River Village Cellars, which is priced at two-thirds the retail value of their $18-$20 estate grown Kinkead Ridge line. The lower-priced label is easy to sell, he said, adding that if a winery uses a second label to soak up lesser quality lots of wine, the main brand wines will benefit." Click here to read the entire column.

November 2008
News Democrat/Ripley Bee
Georgetown Wine Festival a Big Success; Wineries Team Up for Nov. 29 Barrel Tasting. Click here.

October 2008 Review from Sandra Silfven, Wine Writer Detroit Daily News

Kinkead Ridge Revelation Ohio River Valley 2006, $14.95: This blend of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, with help from Caberent Franc and Petit Verdot, is indeed a "Revelation" of what this little all-vinifera winery in Southern Ohio can grow. It's got body, depth of flavors, good weight, good balance. Swirl the glass and experience a wave of cassis, bell pepper, dark chocolate, tart cranberry and ripe stone fruit, with smoke off the toasted barrels.

August 2008
Three Kinkead Ridge wines reviewed by Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV, internationally watched video blog

June 2008

Kinkead Ridge Wines featured at the Refectory, Columbus "Slow Food" event

Our Ohio Wine Resurgence Ohio River ValleySeptember 2006
Kinkead Ridge featured in Our Ohio, "Ohio River Valley's Wine Resurgence".   Click here for this wonderful story.

Respect for Ohio Wines grows: Kinkead Ridge Viognier/Roussanne bests Domaine du Vieux Lazaret, Chateauneuf-du-Pape blanc in first ever Ohio Wine Challenge. Click here.

2007wr.jpg (138485 bytes)November 2006
Kinkead Ridge 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon rated #2 of the Top Ten Exciting Wines, Atlantic Northeast Region, by Tom Stevenson, British wine editor of the 2007 Wine Report Paperback and New Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia

November 2007
Ohio Harvest Update

November 2006
"Kinkead Ridge Winery National Recognition"
Click here for the story

November 2006
Mark Fisher writes up Kinkead Ridge on the Dayton Daily News wine blog. Click here

October 2006
Athens Messenger
athens.jpg (853852 bytes)

October 2006
Kinkead Ridge advertisement, Ohio Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine and others

August 2006
Kinkead Ridge featured in TheWineBuzz.
w-augustwinebuzz.jpg (230055 bytes)

April 2006. 
G.A. Benton reviews Kinkead Ridge in Columbus Alive. 

Down by the River
"Perusing the aisles of a few select wine stores, I realized time was running out for some delicious Ohio wines. 

Delicious Ohio wines? If you're thinking those three words sound strange together (and who could blame you?) then get off your sudsy beer haunches and check out Kinkead Ridge Vineyards. 

Made in very limited quantities (about 50 to 200 cases per wine), the current stock of Kinkead is quickly dwindling, though it's still possible to find bottles of these southern-Ohio-made winners. 

If you're already on to Kinkead, I'm encouraging you to increase your supply right now. If the wines are new to you, here's a little background. Read more..."

March 2006
Brown County Press
Kinkead Ridge Releases Second Label River Village Cellars

January 2006

The Wine Buzz, Volume 3, Number 3, p. 24
Kinkead Ridge mentioned by Chef-Owner Alana (Alanas, Columbus) 
"The encyclopedic wine list runs several pages, and is probably best tackled under the tutelage of sommelier Kevin... The dozen or so glass offerings include a Viognier/Roussanne blend from Kinkead Ridge Winery in Ripley, Ohio."
Chef-Owner Julie Frances (Aioli, Cincinnati)
"While wines like Chateau de la Greffiere, Macon La Roche-Vineuse find favor, local Kinkead Ridge wines are popular too. Their rich, aromatic Viognier/Roussanne makes a delicious pairing with the grilled whole Spanish bass with pancetta, winter squash puree, fennel salad and tapenade."

November 2005
Read Jens Rosencrantz (Cincinnati Wine Garage) blog about helping with harvest. See 

September 2005
Tom Stevenson's 2006 Wine Report.

Kinkead Ridge 2003 Viognier/Roussanne named one of the top 100 Exciting New Wine Finds in the World.

"Viognier/Roussanne 2003 Kinkead Ridge, Ohio (Atlantic Northeast, US $15). Sandra Silfven, wine writer Detroit Daily News: Crisp, flinty, bone-dry, palate-coating tropical flavours. Starkly clean"

"In complete contrast to Domaine du Clovallon, this Viognier has balls: 48 percent Roussanne balls, to be precise. Excellent structure and acidity. Cutting-edge Atlantic Northeast -- I really must pay a visit!"
This wine is

Here's the review of Domaine du Clovallon that we are compared to: "The best Viognier of the Midi -- ripe, unctuous mouth-feel, without being cloying or confected. Rounded with ripe apricot fruit and excellent varietal character." (Rosemary George MW). Tom says: Yes it is, but to be sexist for a moment, you have to be female or a bit of a girl's blouse to like most Viogniers, particularly one as soft and highly perfumed as this."


June 2005
Dayton Daily News
Mark Fisher on the Ohio festival at the 2nd Street Market:
"Two of the better white wines offered came from Kinkead Ridge, a vineyard and estate winery near Ripley, east of Cincinnati. The 2004 Revelation ($12.95), 70 percent sauvignon blanc with semillon and other grapes also in the blend, was dry and steely, with no oak -- a New Zealand-like style that was a refreshing departure from some of the heavily oaked chardonnays offered by some of the other wineries. And it's not a blend that will be duplicated any time soon, because the sauvignon blanc grapevines are not faring so well and are on their way out, Kinkead Ridge winemaker Ron Barrett said. The 2004 Riesling ($10.95) also was a touch drier than its counterparts. The quality of Kinkead Ridge's whites made me curious about its reds, but alas, the winery had sold out of their 2002s, with the 2003s (cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and syrah) scheduled for release in September.)

May 2005
Kinkead Ridge mentioned on Fox 19 at the Spirits of Madeira wine shop.

March 2005
2002 Revelation,  rated 91 by Andrew Jones, international wine writer. Click here for his review.

November 2004
"A pencil saves the day"; Sandra Silfven, Detroit Daily News. Click here.
w-leakybarrel.jpg (154172 bytes)


October 20, 2004
Rebecca Goodman's "Sips", Cincinnati Enquirer
rebecca3.gif (28206 bytes)

November 2004
Brown County Press
browncopress-nov04.jpg (171337 bytes)

September 2004
Brown County Press

w-browncopress.jpg (80420 bytes)


August 2004
Kinkead Ridge featured in Ohio Magazine, the Wine issue
August Ohio Magazine

June 30, 2004
AP photographer Tom Uhrman (www.tomuphoto.com) took photos for the Ohio Magazine August issue.

May 28 2004
Cincinnati Enquirer
Click picture for web link

June 2004
Ohio Magazine
Grand Wine Dinners, click here for the menus; Coach and Four at the Edgecliff chooses 2001 Kinkead Ridge Revelation

May 2004
w-mencinnatian.jpg (110936 bytes)
Ron's Top Ten List of Viticultural Mistakes published in the Cincinnati Ohio Mensa newsletter

March 2004
Sandra Silfven, Detroit News: 
"10 tips to keep in mind when visiting Ohio wineries."

December 2003
International wine writer Andrew Jones reviews Kinkead reds. For the text of the article click here

July 2003
Wines and Vines
Letter to the Editor
winesandvines1.jpg (472447 bytes)


Kinkead Ridge 

featured on Wine on the Web


Wine Broadcaster and Writer, Andrew Jones

In March of 2001, we were excited to be featured on Wine on the Web, in very important company, including King Estate, Oregon, Chateau Phelan-Segur, Bordeaux, DeLoach Vineyards, Russian River Valley California, Frogs Leap, Napa Valley California, and Frescobaldi Nippozanno, Italy.  Click here to read the text of the Radio Postcard.

We were very honored to be interviewed on site by Andrew Jones during his recent mid-West radio and television tour. Mr. Jones also attended the Cincinnati Wine Festival. Ron explained our viticulture and winery goals and relayed some of the history of the area.

From Mr. Jones' biography: 

"Wine writer and broadcaster, Andrew Jones, aka The Flying Wine Man, flies some
100,000 miles a year to make radio and TV programs and to discover the finest values from the vineyards and wineries of the world. Andrew travels to wineries all over the world to broadcast live by phone to 25 UK stations nationwide. He is also the wine voice of leading BBC and independent stations in England, Scotland and Wales.

Over the past 6 years Mr. Jones has had 4 books published, specializing in the history, romance and characters from the world of wine and drink. His first book, a handsome volume called The Stories Behind the Labels, was short-listed for the Prix Lanson. Other books include the extremely popular Wine Talk, which was followed by Whisky Talk and The Aperitif Companion."



December 2011

More international press! Two Kinkead Ridge wines are featured in the recently published "1000 Great Everyday Wines from the World’s Best Wineries" (DK Publishing, 337 pp.; $25). Former Wine Spectator editor Jim Gordon and his team of writers/tasters identify a range of good and affordable wines (which he equates with “the price of an entrée at a good restaurant”) from around the world with character that reflects their origin. France gets the most ink, followed by Italy, Spain, Germany, California and other wine-producing regions. “The rest of the U.S.,” which is everywhere but the West Coast, gets a mere two pages. Ohio merits a mention of Kinkead Ridge Winery for its Cabernet Franc and Viognier-Roussanne, long lauded by an enthusiastic fan base for their high quality. Interspersed among the recommended wines are charts on how to read labels, profiles of grape varieties, tips on doing a home tasting, and many other useful tidbits for the wine enthusiast.July, 2009 Kinkead Ridge in CityBeat Magazine

"...the quality of the wine. Carried by many local Cincinnati restaurants, from Lavomatic to Iron Horse Inn, Kinkead has an excellent local and increasingly national reputation. Its 2005 Syrah was rated one of the Most Exciting and Unusual Finds by Wine Report 2009, and Tom Stevenson, British editor of the New Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia, has written that Kinkead “shows what promise there is in Ohio.”

See http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/article-18445-ripley-vineyards-%28review%29.html

March 2009

Cincinnati Magazine
"Kinkead's award-winning wines have convinced the noses and palates of oenophiles worldwde to take notice of the small estate winery in Ripley, Ohio. Theirs are not merely wines that are "good enough," but exciting and complex vintages that stand up to pricier Europeans. I count the 2005 cabernet franc and 2006 viognier roussanne among my favorites. Though the winery is sold out of those vintages, you might get lucky at your favorite wine store."

March 2009
Ron Barrett's input on hybrid barrels published in Vineyard and Winery Management.

January 2009

Kinkead Ridge written up in Trip Magazine: Song of the Vine.
Click here.

November 28, 2008

Kinkead Ridge written up in the Wall Street Journal Wine Column!
Nov. 28, the Ohio River Valley the first entry (that is a photo of our Syrah, and Harmony Hill's logo), featured along with Walla Walla, Napa, Rutherford, and the Finger Lakes!

Winery opening Saturdays Nov. 29 (Annual Barrel Tasting), Dec. 6 and Dec. 13. These are the last chances to visit the winery until Memorial Day Weekend 2009.

November 2008
Cincinnati Magazine
The November Cincinnati Magazine features the Annual Barrel Tasting in the Top 7 things to do in November!
"WINE OHIO" Readers of this magazine know all about our region's world class grape soil. For the Ohio River Valley Annual Barrel Tasting Tour, five top Southern Ohio wineries offer samples of unreleased vintages. Can you say road trip?

October 2008
Wine Blogger Michelle (My Wine Education)  attends the Wine Bloggers Conference in California. And she is bringing Kinkead Ridge wines. Why is she bringing so much Kinkead Ridge wine? "Wine bloggers requested it, so I'm bringing it!"

 January 2008
Kinkead Ridge featured in January Cincinnati Magazine, the Wine Issue.
Photos by John Johnston, www.johnstonphotos.org. Click here.

March 2008
Kinkead Ridge mentioned twice in Vineyard and Winery Management national trade magazine

Kinkead Ridge featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Realizing the Fruits of Their Labors. 

Available on line at http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com. The January password is WINE or click here.

Photos by John Johnston, www.johnstonphotos.org

December 2007, Vineyard & Winery Management

November 2007 First Annual Barrel Tasting, News Democrat

November 2007

Kinkead Ridge 2006 Viognier/Roussanne just rated "Notable Wines of 2007" in the November/December Wine Buzz. "The Ohio River Valley used to be the largest producer of wine in the United States. All kinds of things converged to bring about its downfall, and until just a few years ago very little was happening on this stretch of the river. Kinkead Ridge, owned by transplanted Oregonians, started a revival that shows real promise. The Rhone-style white blend has all the rich, ripe honeyed notes you'd expect, with an undercurrent of minerals and a crisp, dry finish.

October 2007

Kinkead Ridge featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Realizing the Fruits of Their Labors.

October 2007

Kinkead Ridge featured in Akron Wine Blog, Nick Anthony. Click here.

September 2007
Wines and Vines Magazine
"Vive La Vinifera" Two Ohio wineries gain acclaim from special sites. Click here

September 2007
Serendipity Wine Shop blog

August 2007

Mark Fisher, Dayton Daily News Wine Blog on Kinkead Ridge: Click here...These are NOT Your Grandma's Ohio Wines!

July 2007

Kinkead Ridge featured in Heartland Boating "Water and Wine Mix in Ohio".



Jon Christensen, Columbus Dispatch wine review, July 2007.

"A bargain southern Rhone-style white blend made from two-thirds viognier and one-third roussanne, the newest release from the Ohio River Valley shames countless more-expensive wines that seek what this one achieves: floral, honeysuckle scents married to a complex minerality with excellent acid balance and restrained alcohol. It will keep improving, so buy enough to sit on a few bottles. "

June 2007
Kinkead Ridge quoted in National Magazine "Wines and Vines", a story about back labels and their effectiveness. Click here to read the article.

Kinkead Ridge featured in the May/June Wine Buzz.


Kinkead Ridge featured in "C" magazine (What to Wear, Where to Go, Where to Be in Columbus). 2007 Valchemy Chef Richard Rosendale paired Kinkead Ridge 2004 Cabernet Franc with Braised Oxtails with Boursin Polenta. See www.rosendales.com for more information about Chef Rosendale and his upcoming restaurant.

May 2007
Brown County Press/Clermont Sun
Kinkead Ridge wins Gold in New York competition. Click here

April 2007

Kinkead Ridge featured in Taste Cincinnati magazine, article by Jens Rosencrantz, see page 50


January 2007

Lenn Thompson on 2004 Kinkead Ridge Cab Franc on the Lenndevours Wine Blog. Click here. 

December 2006
Lenn Thompson on Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc

Lenn Thompson writes about New York wines for Dan's Papers,
Long Island Press, Long Island Wine Gazette, Edible East End
and Hamptons.com. Two words describe his taste in wine — balance and nuance. Lenn prefers food-friendly, elegant wines to jammy, over-extracted fruit bombs and heavy-handed oak. When reviewing, Lenn tastes each wine three times — alone right after opening, with food, and again the next day — believing that 90-second reviews are unrealistic and not how the average person enjoys wine.

2004 Cabernet Franc, Estate
(Ohio River Valley)

As someone who was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, four things come to mind when I think about neighboring Ohio – bad drivers, Sea World, Cedar Point amusement park and the much-hated Cleveland Browns. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I was raised to loathe our neighbors to the west, but they definitely weren't looked upon fondly.

Now, after tasting the wines of Kinkead Ridge, An Estate Winery, there is at least one thing I can say that I love about the Buckeye State.

Located just outside of Ripley, Ohio, Kinkead Ridge Winery grows only vinifera grapes in their vineyard, including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Viognier, Roussanne and Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard lies on ridges rising more than 400 feet above the nearby Ohio River and the soil is 30 inches deep to broken limestone, rich in clay and well drained. This drainage is ideally suited to growing fine wines, though winter can be cold enough to damage less hardy varieties.

Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite varieties, and if you love the red wines of the Loire Valley, I can't recommend Kinkead Ridge's 2004 Cabernet Franc enough.

A deep violet-crimson in the glass, black cherry dominates the nose with more subtle aromas of dusty cocoa, black pepper and violets. This is an extremely full flavored wine, with black raspberry, cherry, black pepper, and dark chocolate flavors mingling on a rich, balanced palate. Well-integrated, smooth tannins and just a little lick of acidity make this a wine of unusual character and balance.

Best of all, at $17 per bottle, it's an excellent value.

Reviewed December 12, 2006 by Lenn Thompson.

December 2006
Polly Campbell reviews Bistro Joe, New Richmond. Click here

November 2006

TheWineBuzz NovemberTheWineBuzz, Wine Finds Reviews of 2004 Syrah and Cabernet Franc
"Peppery nose with a touch of earth, cedar and vanilla; smooth black cherry flavors with a hint of cocoa and cloves. Restrained European style."

"Nice Cabernet Franc, aroma of dark fruit with hints of bell pepper and clove; full of bright cherry flavors tempered by substantial tannins and good acidity."

September 2006
Ann Boucher, Columbus, on Kinkead Ridge, click here

June 2006
Brown County Press, News Democrat and Ripley Bee
"Kinkead Ridge wine wins Silver Medal in New York"

silvermedal.jpg (425660 bytes)

May 7, 2006
Cincinnati Enquirer: Ohio Vineyards in Bunches. Click here to read the article.

May/June 2006
2003 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon "RECOMMENDED".

March 1, 2006 
Jon Christensen (Columbus Dispatch) reviews our Viognier/Roussanne
2004 Kinkead Ridge (Ohio River Valley) Viognier-Roussanne ($14.95)
"This remarkable achievement deserves to be compared to the priciest dry whites from France's Rhone Valley. Its rich hints of apricot and other stone fruits, minerally crisp finish, food-accompanying versatility and restrained alcohol put this southern Ohio gem ahead of just about anything close to its price. "

October 2005
Sea Bass at the Iron Horse Inn
Iron Horse Inn recommends Kinkead Ridge Viognier/Roussanne with Sea Bass entree in CinWeekly. Click here.

October 2005
Wine writer Mark Fisher, Dayton Daily News, reviews Kinkead Ridge Syrah. Click
here for his wine blog. Click here for the full text of the article.

Fodors Guide to Ohio, Compass Wine GuideKinkead Ridge Vineyard and Estate Winery one of two wineries mentioned in the just-released Compass American Guide, Fodor's Ohio, First edition. This guide has "spectacular photography, evocative prose, and detailed four-color maps, plus tips and practical information to help you make the most of your trip." See www.fodors.com. Available at fine book stores and www.amazon.com.

August 14, 2005 Kinkead Ridge in the Sunday Cincinnati Enquirer enquirer.gif (56588 bytes) "Sniffing out area wines". 

August 10, 2005. Kinkead Ridge in the Columbus Dispatch. Recipes from the Burgundy Room. "Worthy accompaniment... Perfect Pairings". Pan-seared Lake Erie Walleye with Carrot Beurre Blanc and Kinkead Ridge 2004 Viognier/Roussanne.
Why it worked: "The wine has a nice balance of fruit and acid, with subtle tones of orange blossoms and honeysuckle and minerally finish. A good food wine, it is light enough that it doesn't overpower the fish."

November 2004
andrew-jones.JPG (100238 bytes)


Andrew Jones, international wine writer, reviews 2003 Viognier / Roussanne. Click here.

November 2004 Cincinnati Magazine
"Local Harvest"
Click here to read the text

December 2004
Brown County Press
browncopressdec.jpg (347027 bytes)

September 22, 2004
Farm World, article by Doug Graves
w-farmworld.jpg (257299 bytes)

June 15, 2004
Channel 9 takes video at Kinkead Ridge for a program on July 11 about A Taste of Cincinnati. Click here for the story.

November 2003

Wines & Vines 
"Ohio winery releases first vinifera. Kinkead Ridge, An Estate Winery, Ripley, Ohio, released its 2001 Syrah, 2001 Cabernet franc and 2001 Revelation, a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Petit Verdot. Owners Ron Barrett and Nancy Bentley previously owned Chehalem Valley Vineyards in Yamhill, Oregon."


December 2002

The Ripley Bee


December 2002

Brown County Press  


February 3, 2001
Cincinnati Enquirer
"Red grapes ripe with promise for Ohio winery"


The VERY BEST of 2001
Cincinnati Enquirer, Chuck Martin's Food Stuff

Kinkead Ridge listed along with Jean Robert de Cavel, White truffle oil, Chef's Dinner Club, Cincinnati Chili Pepper Club, Chocolate Baklava, among others!


July 9, 2003
Cincinnati Enquirer, Chuck Martin

Announcement of 2001 release


July 2003

Maysville KY Ledger-Independent
Click here to read the story

June 2003 / Ohio Magazine
Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc featured at Daveeds for Ohio Wine Month Grand Dinners

July 3, 2003 / News Democrat


January 2003, The Best of Ohio


The Best of Ohio

"If you prefer a glass of wine, try the Kinkead Ridge Vineyard and Winery. The vineyard has been around for a couple of years; the winery just opened in November. But in January, because of the season and the nature of the business, wine stocks may be in short supply, warns Ron Barrett, so call ahead to see if the Saturday wine tastings are scheduled.

"Whatever the season, 'Ripley's the cutest town along the river, as far as I'm concerned,' says Barrett's wife, Nancy Bentley. She's lived in New York City and most recently in Oregon with her husband, and she loves the small-town atmosphere in Ripley. 'The traffic's light, and when you go into the post office, you're the only one in there,' Bentley observes. 'And during the season, you can go to a farmer's market and buy silver queen corn right off the truck by the river. That's fun.'"


Kinkead Ridge 2004 Cabernet Franc rated one of the Top 100 Exciting Wine Finds, international list compiled by Tom Stevenson, British editor of the New Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia and publisher of the paperback Wine Report 2008. "Succulent, intensely flavored fruit, ripe, supple tannins, and a truckload of flavors--from cherries, cassis, chocolate, and cream, to vanilla and coconut."--Sandra Silfven, Atlantic Northeast editor of the 2008 Wine Report "This shows what promise there is in Ohio." --Tom Stevenson

2004 Kinkead Ridge Cabenet Franc, #7 on the Top 10 List of Greatest Quality Wines from the Atlantic Northeast

October 2007
David Rose blog posting "Great red wine from Ohio? I found one!":
The 2005 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc is outstanding! I actually did a blind tasting and had no idea what I was about to discover. The nose was brimming with juicy black berry/cherry and floral accents, finishing with a sweet touch of smoky oak. Then I tasted it... WOW! Top quality! I love the rich smokiness, delicious fruit, and the right amount of spice". Click here to read the post.

October 2007

Cincinnati Enquirer urges readers to vote for Kinkead Ridge's video, a finalist in the Wine Spectator video contest, click here.

July 2007
Kinkead Ridge is listed in the short "well-known wineries" section in the Ohio section of Kevin Zraly's 2008 Wines of America.


Kinkead Ridge with Chef Jean Robert

Kinkead Ridge wines featured on the Dish TV show, with Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel. Click here.

w-cincymag-october.jpg (62391 bytes)

October 2005
Kinkead Ridge on page 71, "Take Flight"... "the southern Ohio counties of Clermont, Brown, Highland, Adams and Scioto."     






w-thewinebuzz.jpg (53755 bytes)Kinkead Ridge 2004 Viognier Roussanne reviewed in the Cleveland-based publication TheWineBuzz, under Wine Finds.






July 2005
Kinkead Ridge one of the wineries featured in "Ohio Wine Country Excursions" by Patricia Latimer. Just published.  Patricia will be at Joseph Beth booksellers, Cincinnati November 16 signing books. 7:00 p.m.





Kinkead Ridge Wines featured at three Grand Ohio Wine Dinners, June 2005

Rhapsody, Nelsonville
2002 Kinkead Ridge Revelation (Cabernet blend) with Char-Grilled Filet of Beef wrapped with peppered bacon, served with a wine-infused demi-glace, morel mushrooms, broiled asparagus and mashed new potatos with garlic, parsley and chives.

Sturkeys, Cincinnati
2004 Kinkead Ridge Riesling served with Roasted garlic mousse and Kentucky spoonfish caviar, quail egg, potato nest and Amish Colby flan cracker terrine.
2004 Kinkead Ridge Revelation (Sauvignon Blanc blend) served with Roasted salmon medallion, heirloom popcorn relish and chive cream

Lindey's German Village, Columbus
2004 Kinkead Ridge Revelation (Sauvignon Blanc blend served with Pistachio Crusted Lake Erie Walleye, mushroom fricassee, sauteed spinach, saffron beurre blanc.


Kinkead Ridge  in
Wine Report 2005
by Tom Stevenson
Tom Stevenson has been writing about wine for nearly thirty years and is the author of more than 20 books. He's been nominated on three occasions as Wine Writer of the Year and received the coveted Wine Literary Award, America's lifetime achievement award for wine writing.



June 4/5, 2004 Dayton 2nd Street Market Wine Festival

June 10, 2004  A Taste of Duveneck, Cincinnati Art Museum

October 2003
Review by Executive Oenophile Member Ed Hatfield.
Click here to read the text.

(Winery comment: there is a 2002 Revelation in the barrel, so 2002 wasn't a total loss)


January 2003
Ohio Magazine

Click here for the article on Ripley 


December 2003

Ohio Grapevine

Nancy's photo of Kinkead Ridge Vineyard in Feb. 2002 was used as the cover shot.

w-ohiograpevine.jpg (201919 bytes)  


Kinkead Ridge recognized under "New and Noteworthy" on Robin Garr's www.wineloverspage.com/winelinks, a great web site for wine lovers.


March 21, 2002

News Democrat 

News Democrat


March 21, 2002

Ripley Bee

Ripley Bee


March 24, 2002

Brown County Press

Brown County Press


Best of Ohio

Best of Ohio, January 2002
Jenny Pavlasek

Jenny gets it! "It might sound like a dream job, but being a winemaker is hard work. I learned this during one insanely hot day spent at Kinkead Ridge Winery in Ripley last June...Ron Barrett... had been tending the vines since sunrise. When I spotted him - drenched in sweat, covered from head-to-toe in dirt and crouched on all fours between the rows of grapes - he looked more like an overworked migrant worker than a wine aficionado. Any romantic notions I had associated with the job were instantly quelled. But for people like Barrett and Bentley... making wine is a labor of love..."


March 2003

Progress Report


International wine writer Andrew Jones reviews Kinkead 2001 reds. Click here for the text of the article.


December 5, 1999
The Toledo Blade
"Trading tobacco for grapes may aid farmers."


January 2000
Wine Business Monthly
Letter to the Editor

Ohio Magazine Trade Show Booth 


Kinkead Ridge featured on the cover of 
Ohio Magazine, August 2001

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Kinkead Ridge featured on the cover and lead story of Ohio Magazine, August, an issue devoted to Ohio Wine. Click here for excerpts from the article.


Kinkead Ridge featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, 
October 2001

The text is available on the Cincinnati Enquirer home page. Search the Archives for Kinkead Ridge. The article appeared in Tempo on October 24.  Alternatively, click here for the text of the article.