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2014 Releases

The 2013 white wines were released Memorial Day weekend 2014. The 2012 red wines (all River Village Cellars this year) were released Labor Day Weekend 2014. The 2013 River Village Chambourcin was released the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Annual Barrel Tasting.

2013 Kinkead Ridge Viognier/Roussanne A Rhone style blend with the kiwi and guava aromas of Roussanne merging with the orange blossom and golden raisin aromas of Viognier. An excellent dry blend with fish, shellfish and poultry. Production: 257 cases. Alcohol 14.1%  
2013 Kinkead Ridge White Revelation This winegrower's blend is crisp, refreshing and aromatic. Aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and melon, with a honey note and a mineral finish. Classic accompaniment to shellfish and mildy acidic cheeses. Production: 146 cases. Alcohol 13.3% Silver medal, Indy International Wine Competition.
2013 Kinkead Ridge Riesling Honeysuckle, apple and rose petal notes precede a flinty finish. This racy wine's floral front palate and sweetness balance its crisp acidity. Food friendly, serve chilled with cold meats, fresh salads, light cheeses, poultry, veal and Asian cuisine. Residual sugar 1.2%. Production: 179 cases. Alcohol 11.4%  

2013 River Village Cellars Seyval

Seyval, a hybrid grape, has a characteristic citrus element, as well as a minerality that may be compared to white burgundy. Similar to a Chablis, with notes of grapefruit, green apple and melon. Harvested at McCafferty Bridge Vineyard.Production: 87 cases. Alcohol 13.8%  
2013 River Village Cellars Traminette A new world hybrid grape with a pronounced character reminiscent of Gewurtztraminer from Alsace. Harvested at McCafferty Bridge Vineyard. Its fruity and spicy nutmeg flavors, floral aroma and refreshing finish make it a perfect match for southwest and Asian cuisine. Residual sugar 2.1% Production: 185 cases. Alcohol 13.2%  
2012 River Village Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Hand harvested on October 17, 2012, this well-structured wine displays classic aromas of red fruit and black cherry. Aged in premium American and French oak barrels. Enjoy with beef, lamb, pork, or braised chicken. Production: 172 cases. Alcohol 14.5% Review: August 2014

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a much darker wine than the Cabernet Franc. Its also very closed up at the moment and it took a lot of swirling and a second glass to get the aromas flowing. When it did open up it was with earthy aromas rather than fruit. The taste was red cherries like the Cabernet Franc, but there was an underlying darker element as well. It seemed most like black raspberries to me. Again, there was good tannin and acid and there was a much longer finish. In six months or a year I will prefer this wine to the Cabernet Franc, but it still has some growing up to do in the bottle. 172 cases produced. 14.5% alcohol. $14.99

2012 River Village Cellars Cabernet Franc This wine displays a harmonious complexity with cherry overtones and modest tannins. Aged in premium American and French oak barrels. A fine companion for beef, turkey, pork and richly flavored stews. Production: 174 cases. Alcohol 14.3% Review: August 2014

2012 Cabernet Franc. This wine actually made me smile. There is a good amount of vanilla and oak in the nose, but they were fresh aromas. There is a lot of up front flavors of red cherry and spice. There's good acidity and tannin to hold every thing together. When the flavors faded at the end this was like drinking a rose' wine with more extracted flavors. This is simply a happy wine. It's also not one to save for a long period of time, though I will stow away a bottle for the future. 174 cases produced. 14.3% alcohol and $14.99.

2013 River Village Cellars Chambourcin A French-American hybrid grape. Full bodied, deep-colored dry red wine with notes of cassis, berry fruit and plum. Barrel aged nine months. McCafferty Bridge Vineyards. Pair with beef, lamb, wild game or richly flavored cheeses. Production: 111 cases. 
Alcohol 12.8%

Our return policy: As is standard policy in wine stores, if you ever have a wine from us that you find unsatisfactory (e.g. corked) please return the bottle, wine, and cork to the store where you bought it, or to us, and we will replace it with a current (if available) or future vintage of the same wine. Thank you!


 Production: 2001-2013
Release Year Cabernet
Red Revelation
(Winegrower's blend)
Petit Verdot
Chambourcin Viognier / Roussanne
White Revelation
(Winegrower's blend)
River Village Cellars White Wine Riesling
Seuval Sauvignon Blanc
2014 2012 RVC. 172 cases 2012 RVC. 174 cases None produced None Produced None Produced 2012 RVC. 111 cases. 2013 KR. 257 cases 2013 KR. 146 cases None produced 2013 KR. 179 cases 2013 RVC. 185 cases 2013 RVC. 87 cases No longer produced
2013 2011 KR. 300 cases 2011 KR. 304 cases 2011 KR. 44 cases None produced 2011 KR. 82 cases. 2012 KR. 91 cases. None produced 2012 RVC. 160 cases None produced 2012 RVC. 99 cases. None produced
2012 2010 KR. 164 cases. 2010 KR. 180 cases. 2010 KR. 99 cases None produced 2010 KR. 63 cases 91 cases None produced 160 cases
Riesling, Seyval Blanc, and misc. from Revelation, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, etc.
None produced 2011 RVC. 85 cases None produced
2011 301 cases. Release date Sept. 2013  311 cases, Rekease date Sept. 2013 44 cases. Release date Sept. 2013 None produced 82 cases. Release date Sept. 2013 110 cases 86 cases   101 cases River Village Cellars. 85 cases. Grapes sourced from McCafferty Bridge Vineyards  
2010 162 cases. Release date Sept. 2012 180 cases.  Release date Sept. 2012 91 cases.  Release date Sept. 2012 None produced 63 cases
Release date Sept. 2012
115 cases 67 cases   82 cases River Village Cellars 111 cases. Grapes sourced from Meranda-Nixon and McCafferty Vineyards None produced. Generally blended into white Revelation.
2009 Difficult vintage. 214 cases. Releasing September 2011. Second label River Village Cellars Difficult vintage. 240 cases. Releasing September 2011. Second label River Village Cellars. None produced None produced None produced 126 cases None produced. Replaced by second label River Village Cellars White Wine, 42 cases, Released May 2010   None produced, blended into 2009 River Village Cellars white wine None produced None produced
2008 364 cases, Released Sept. 2010 388 cases, Released Sept. 2010 194 cases, Released Sept. 2010 None produced 76 cases, released September or November 2010 367 cases 147 cases   225 cases 73 cases (River Village Cellars) None produced
2007 246 cases 216 cases None produced None produced None produced None produced 48 cases (Easter frost)   38 cases (Easter frost!) None produced None produced
2006 None produced 375 cases (River Village Cellars) 179 cases (River Village Cellars) 404 cases None produced 303 cases 125 cases   184 cases None produced None produced
2005 344 cases 383 cases 187 cases None produced 76 cases 299 cases (River Village Cellars) 84 cases   147 cases 199 cases None produced
2004 355 cases 355 cases 149 cases None produced None produced 177 cases 56 cases   118 cases None produced None produced
2003 228 cases 135 cases 56 cases None produced None produced 75 cases None produced   17 cases (second label) None produced 39 cases
2002 None produced None produced None produced 110 cases None produced None produced None produced   23 cases None produced None produced
2001 None produced 120 cases 95 cases 120 cases   None produced None produced   55 cases
(white table wine)
None produced None produced